Official statement from IJOY regarding their 20700.

Official statement from IJOY regarding their 20700.

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Mazar-e-Quaid Karachi Used as a Lovers Point for Dating

For a few rupees, this place has been used as dating point for lovers. Lovers who fear their families look out for such dating points where no one can see them together. A very innovative idea struck the caretaker and he decided to earn some money from the dating couples. Target market is quite huge and all they need is a safe and secure place to spend some time together in order to release their sexual frustration. This is what provided to them by caretaker of this sacred place.

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Immoral activities in Quaid’s grave room at Mazar e Quaid – VIDEO

Jawed Rafi views. The monument features a large and intricately carved Gujaratistyle jharoka or balcony and a small peak atop it which make the tomb resemble a temple. The tomb of Jan Beg Tarkhan d.

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After obtaining a dental degree from University of Calcutta in , [3] she became a close associate and an adviser to her older brother, Muhammad Ali Jinnah , who later became the first Governor General of Pakistan. A strong critic of the British Raj , she emerged as a strong advocate of the two nation theory and a leading member of the All-India Muslim League.

After the independence of Pakistan , Jinnah co-founded the Pakistan Women’s Association which played an integral role in the settlement of the women migrants in the newly formed country. She remained the closest confidant of her brother until his death. After his death, Fatima was banned from addressing the nation until ; her radio address to the nation was heavily censored by the Liaquat administration. Even when published several pages from the book’s manuscript were left out.

Jinnah came out of her self-imposed political retirement in to participate in the presidential election against military dictator Ayub Khan. She was backed by a consortium of political parties, and despite political rigging by the military, won two of Pakistan’s largest cities, Karachi and Dhaka.

Quaid azam mazar dating dailymotion


Mazar e Quaid involved in renting Qauid e Azam Muhammad Ali almost 75% people living in Karachi knows Mazar e Quaid is a dating point.


Mazar qaid dating


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Fatima Jinnah


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Mazar-e-Quaid Muhammad Ali Jinnah Inside View

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